Connect people, processes, applications and data

Why Evolutivo?

Business Processes going Digital

Business Processes going Digital

Put customers in touch with the people and systems that can help them. Make customers happy in the process.

Agile Business Intelligence

Agile Business Intelligence

Minimize import and maintenance costs, leaving business users the ability to process data.

Connect Things

Connect Things

A technology stack to connect to Data, Business Applications and internet APIs

Applications Engineered for Evolution


A unified platform with everything that can be used by end users, and which allows the integration, improvement and automation of front and back office operations.


It takes weeks, not years, to build robust business applications that can be used in production.


It is possible to build applications that meet the different needs of multiple channels, business units and for different customer segments

Web Service Development

1. A Web Service must be defined with a WSDL (or WADL in case of REST) and all responses returned by the Web service must respect the advertised WSDL. This can for example be tested with tools such as SoapUI or XMLSpy, which validate SOAPresponses against a WSDL

2. It uses an XML schema to define the input and output of Web service operations.

NO ETL: Evolutivo vs. Traditional Business Intelligence

The path to work in a typical Datawarehouse environment is long and therefore expensive. Further challenges stem from decanting unstructured data that may come from new media. Our proposal is to move the T of the ETL into the same operational application, so as to exploit it as a "Metadata" layer.

NO ESB: Evolutivo vs. Traditional ESB

In the world of Enterprise Application Integration, the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is the basis for a service-oriented architecture. But the world is rapidly changing and companies will increasingly depend on integrations outside the company. We prefer an SOA approach that does not depend on a single hub, but that allows flexibility and efficiency.