EVO Medical Management is a tailor-made solution to meet the management needs of specialist clinics. Developed by a pool of business process experts, with the advice of leading figures in the medical sector, v-medical makes it easy and integrated to manage the data, documents and communications of the clinic.

Main characteristics

Separate authentication for each doctor, for the health director, for administrative staff, conprofiling of access rights to the data and modification of the same.

  • Shared agenda and personal calendars for individual doctors, with the possibility of remote consultation and activation of reminder
  • Anagraca patients connected to all the relevant entities present in the system (appointments, reports, receipts, ...)
  • Anamnesis and differentiated reports for the various medical specialties, with data storage in the database and merge function with MS Word and OpenOffice files)
  • Tax receipts from doctors to patients, with parallel progressive numbering, and study invoices to doctors. PDF export of receipts and invoices
  • Estimates with export in pdf and direct sending by e-mail
  • Intermodular reports on visits, patients, doctors, receipts, invoices