Sales Force Automation

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The sales force and related negotiation management solution allows for an optimized sales process, so that each sales representative can improve performance.

Traditional tools allow you to capture and insert data largely disconnected from company systems and the actual sales process. Sales representatives and back office staff end up manually creating spreadsheets, analysis reports and forecasts.

Being able to gather agents in a single system and "guide" them through task automation, it is possible to accelerate the sales process, improving overall efficiency.


In addition to offering all the traditional features of SFA, Evolutionary SALES, it adds a workflow engine that will adapt to your sales processes in order to build lasting relationships with customers.

This is possible thanks to the automation of processes between the front office and the back office, and the ability to adapt and specialize the sales processes to meet customer needs with ease.

sales force automation

sales force automation


It is possible to define within a business rules engine which are the steps and actions to be taken depending on each state in which a negotiation is found. To assign important negotiations to the agents and automate the recurring ones.