Process integration for job orders, case management and other business management applications built on top of a solid foundation, the Platform Upgrade, allowing for unparalleled flexibility and extensibility of the system.

The suite has been designed to fill the gaps in work management for small to large companies. It was created to address the challenges of dis-integrated data and resource management, the lack of integration of processes, projects and case management, and the lack of "social" collaboration available in a work context.


  • Service Level Agreement and "out of state" SLA status indicators.
  • Possibility to dynamically define the internal KPIs to the practices.
  • Notifications and escalation to work groups.
  • Parallel branches and possibility to make the different practices interact with each other.
  • Role-Based Access Control. It is possible to work with individual users or groups of users, even external ones, automatically assigning the files according to the states.
  • Integration with other services (including cloud)