Service Oriented Architecture

Service Oriented Architecture

The integration of the systems is realized through a micro-services and exposure engine through REST services. We have created a modular set of cloud integration components built for a specific application or data source. All while designing integration by business users, freeing developers from much of the complexity of the application, the underlying data model and the service.

Through primitive Business Actions available for analysis and sources of Big Data, identity management, social media, online storage, ERP, databases and technologies such as XML, JSON, OAuth, SOAP and REST

The underlying technologies are Node.js, Elasticsearch, Business Actions / Rules, to be able to interface with customer systems and with the main online services.

The era of monolithic integration is ending

Modern cloud applications are moving towards scalable architectures and simplified microservices. Evolutionary has an infrastructure focused around "logical" business functions and can provide the glue between different systems.

The main advantages are:

  • Save time and resources through scalability
  • Improve reliability by eliminating single points of failure
  • Achieve greater agility by decoupling the components
service oriented architecture