Un approccio alla Non Traditional BI utilizzando vtigerCRM e coreBOS

By simplifying the  NON traditional approach to BI we intend  using some non- standard operations of a business intelligence initiative within a company.
The fields where this "new" way of thinking about BI has the greatest impact is ETL, which is  going to “virtually” disappear in the TRANSFORM  part of the equation, stopping at the Extraction and passing directly to Loading .
Using materialized views directly into the OLTP system, the traditional tables are "duplicated" creating views of normalized data .
This will "attack" another " totem" of the "classic" BI, the so-called Star Schema , replacing the Fact Tables with big "FLAT" tables or representations of the data being analysed.
Clearly we still have to equip ourselves with a system where the data will be “parked”, where we can work at these data and an environment where they can be PRESENTED .
We have been analysing and experimenting different open source tools and decided for coreBOS a new platform that extended itself from the traditional CRM offering a whole environment for Business Users and Developers.